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What is an Auragraph Storyboard? 

Choose 5 cards from

an oracle deck and 

your Aurograph Story

Board will be created!

Examples of Spirit Art



All sessions are for adults 18 years or older. All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendations of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional services. Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and information imparted during a session is open to interpretation. Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices and Michelle Henderson shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of the session.  

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Do you need guidance with your current spiritual journey? Michelle can connect with you to help guide you in your past, present, and future stepping stones. By drawing 5 oracle cards, an Auragraph Story Board will be created. You will be able to become aware of your Spiritual Inspiration as well as your Worldly Issues. 

Completed by Skype/phone

30 minutes=$75.00

During Medium Readings, Michelle will use spirit art to sketch a portrait of the spirit who wants to connect. These spirits might be loved ones who have crossed over or other spirits who want to connect with you. At the end of the session, messages are interpreted from spirit to help you in your life journey! 

Completed by Skype/phone

30 minutes=$75.00


If you need to obtain direction from an Auragraph Story Board & connect with a loved one, Michelle can do both types of readings in one session. 

Completed by Skype/phone

60 minutes=$150.00


Psychic, Medium, Healer,

Spirit Artist & Coach

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